Best Gun Cleaning Mat Reviews and Buying Guide 2019

If you take good care of your weapon, then it will also take good care of you. This is a common saying among the military guys, and if you are a frequent visitor to the shooting ranches, you’ve probably heard your fellow shooters using the phrase a couple of times. It simply alludes to the importance of observing proper care and maintenance for your weapon – gun! It doesn’t matter whether you own the gun for self-protection or recreational purposes such are hunting.

It is imperative that you take good care of it if you desire to get the best performance from it. The last thing you want is for the gun to refuse to cooperate when you need it the most. If you were in the bush and angling for a kill, you may miss a shot, and if it was in a self-defense situation when your gun jams because of dirt in the barrel, you could lose your life. Therefore, there is every reason why you should make it a habit to clean your gun regularly.

If you have ever cleaned a gun, then you know that the process can sometimes get messy, especially if you are using gun solvents. It is nearly guaranteed that you may experience some spills and splashes during the cleaning process, and to get the convenience and reliability you need to do an excellent job in cleaning your gun, a gun cleaning mat is always highly recommended.

Though not necessary, you will appreciate protecting your table or work surface, from the spills and the splashes originating from some of the solvents you could be using. Additionally, the mats are also instrumental in protecting your gun from getting unnecessary scratches during the cleaning process. It is a must-have accessory if you desire to have good results from cleaning your weapon.

Top Rated Gun Cleaning Mats

1. Tekmat AR – 15 Cleaning Mat

If you are the proud owner of an AR – 15 riffle, then you have every reason to invest in this Tekmat gun cleaning mat. Tekmat head office is at 8427 South Old Bingham Hwy. Ste A, West Jordan. It is designed to give you a lot of fun and bring you pleasure as you learn while cleaning your long gun. The mat has a soft spot intended to protect the gun from picking any scratches from the surface, while the backing made from neoprene rubber will ensure that your cleaning chemicals do not access the work gun cleaning bench. With this mat and the features it comes with, you will have the versatility to do your gun cleaning anywhere and on any surface, whether you prefer to do the cleaning on your kitchen table, desk or any other surface you may like to convert into a cleaning bench.

You will also appreciate the inclusion of the exploded view drawings, complete with part lists which will not just guide you on how the basic cleaning is done, but also will be instrumental in disassembling the gun and making repairs. Consequently, you will find the gun cleaning process to be faster, efficient and more enjoyable.



  • Adequate protection of gun and the work area
  • High-quality cleaning mat
  • Large and clear exploded view drawings
  • It is easy to use
  • Neoprene rubber back to absorb solvents


  • Smaller writing on the mat
  • Thin thickness, though effective
  • Not adequate cushioning

2. Gun Cleaning Mat – Rifle Maintenance Gunsmithing

This gun cleaning mat by UsefulThingy promises you great looks as well as quality cleaning experience. It is aesthetically appealing when spread on your workbench, and other than giving you a nice surface to dismantle and clean your gun, it also comes with clearly labeled diagrams of your AR – 15 so that even if it is your first time working your gun, you are not going to get confused in any way.

It is made from premium quality material which will ensure that it serves you for many more years to come. With the strong and thick absorbent pad, your weapon will be protected from scratches and damages, and the same will also be the case for your cleaning bench. You won’t have to worry about your solvents and chemicals accessing the workbench as a result of spills because the mat surface will conveniently absorb them.

If you are the kind of gun owner who makes several trips to the shooting range, then you will enjoy the fact that the mat rolls up quite easily, and as such, carrying it to the shooting ranges will be nothing but a breeze. It is also pleasing to note that the mat comes with a 100% money back guarantee for the first 60 days.



  • Great looks
  • Clear diagrams and writings
  • Protects gun and surface from scratches
  • Money back guarantee
  • Premium quality material – very good absorbent


  • The drawings and writing too small for some people

3. LOCK Glock AD00073 Cleaning Bench Mat

The Glock is a favorite small arm for many people, and this LOCK Glock pistol cleaning mat is just the right mat to invest in if you own this particular gun. It is large enough to provide you with an adequate surface to successfully dismantle and clean your firearm.

The mat is made from thin rubberized nylon featuring an oil-resistant surface to avoid leaks to the cleaning bench, and a soft cloth top to ensure that your Glock doesn’t get any scratches on the surface.

When spread on the bench, the mat is slip resistant, and this ensures that it will stay in the same position for the entire duration of your cleaning. With nicely sketched exploded of a Glock pistol, you will find all the parts of your gun on the surface, including writings to guide in disassembling and cleaning and the gun.

With that, you will easily identify the key lubrication points of the gun so that by the end of the cleaning process, you will rest assured knowing that you did a good job. Available at under $20.00, this mat is a good bargain if you are looking for suitable pistol cleaning mats.



  • Large working surface
  • No slip
  • Clear exploded diagrams and writings
  • Manufactured by genuine Glock factory
  • Includes guide on proper Glock lubrication
  • Oil-resistant surface
  • Soft cloth to protect the gun from scratches
  • Relatively affordable


  • Prints look tiny for some users
  • Only suitable for Glock users

4. Real Avid Gun Boss Handgun Cleaning Kit

Real Avid is not a newcomer in the manufacture of gun cleaning kits, and if you own a short gun, then you will be interested in owning this Real Avid Gun Boss Handgun Cleaning Kit. It comes with every accessory you will need to clean your handguns, including a versatile and high-quality handgun cleaning mat.

The mat that comes with this kit is large enough to give you all the room needed for the thorough cleaning of your gun, and it is oil and solvent resistant to ensure that any spillages will not be accessing your workbench. It is just the right kind of mat you need to keep your gun cleaning process organized and also to protect your work surfaces.

This kit also includes a parts tray that can be easily attached and detached, depending on whether or not you want to use it. Other than helping you to clean your handguns, also included is a pistol cleaning kit concealed in a weatherproof, ballistic nylon case. A handgun cleaning rod, phosphor bronze brushes, 250 large cleaning patches, and 250 small cleaning patches are also included.



  • Good value for money
  • Large for a good cleaning surface
  • Oil and solvent resistant
  • Contains a pistol cleaning kit
  • Basic kit for beginners and pros
  • Has all the essentials for handgun cleaning needs
  • 250 large cleaning patches
  • 250 small cleaning patches


  • The cleaning rod is not very strong. It broke for some customers.

5. TekMat Smith & Wesson M&P Cleaning Mat  

The TekMat Smith & Wesson M&P Cleaning mat is not an ordinary mat you will need for the basic cleaning of your rifle. It comes with every feature you would desire to have a great cleaning experience for your gun. To begin with, it has a soft thermoplastic fiber surface that will protect your gun from getting any scratches during the cleaning process.

The 3 mm-thick neoprene rubber back, on the other hand, will save you from worrying about the work surface being affected by the solvents, and it will also provide the grip needed to make the mat stay put until you finish.

The mat is fade-proof, waterproof, scratch-proof and oil resistant to not just assert on its longevity, but also the great cleaning experience it will accord you. It is large enough to give you enough working surface to disassemble and clean the gun components. And it also comes with clear diagrams and prints of the gun for those who may need some assistance on how to go about the gun cleaning process.

With the price being below $12, it is one of the best gun cleaning mats you will find in the market today. It comes with a lifetime warranty as an assurance of its quality and longevity. 



  • Waterproof
  • Scratch-proof
  • Oil-resistant
  • Large surface for ample cleaning area
  • Soft thermoplastic fiber to protect the gun against scratches
  • It is easy to use


  • Solvents can make the imprints come off
  • Poor color choice. Makes finding small springs difficult

6. Real Avid Handgun Smart Mat  

If you are in the market searching for universal gun cleaning mats for your Glock, then you have every reason to consider the Real Avid Handgun Smart Mat. The mat makes the process of cleaning Glock a breeze since it has every feature you will require for proper organization and efficiency during the cleaning process.

Featured prominently is a parts tray that normally lacks in most of the gun cleaning mats, and this will make the cleaning process more efficient because you will not have to worry about losing parts. The mat material comes with the ability to protect your cleaning benches from spills and splashes that may occur during the cleaning process.

Also worth mentioning is the exploded diagrams as well as clear instruction on how to get the most from the mat. If you have ever cleaned a gun before, you know the importance of stripping and this is always a challenge to a majority of gun owners. You will be pleased to note that this mat comes with detailed stripping instructions on how to field strip your Glock, including very clear graphics that are simply plain and sexy.



  • Large enough for good working space
  • Oil and solvent resistant
  • Contains stripping instructions
  • Easy to roll up for storage after use
  • Comes with a parts tray to stop you losing the small parts
  • Soft surface to avoid scratches on the gun


  • Not entirely flat
  • Not magnetic

7. Real Avid .223cal Smart Mat   2005

The Real Avid .223cal smart mat is the ideal mat for .223 owners who desire great organization and ingenious rifle cleaning. This versatile mat measures 43 inches by 16 inches, thus assuring you of all the space you need to disassemble and assemble your mat with ease. It has a parts tray that stays connected to the mat at all times and will save you a great deal of time that you would normally spend looking for lost or misplaced parts.

Also worth mentioning is the smooth work surface that makes it a breeze to clean your rifle without worrying about scratches on the gun. Additionally, the mat has a non-slip backing to guarantee a good grip so that the mat and its content stays put until you are done with the cleaning process. The takedown instructions are also clearly labeled on the mat, and as such, even first time owners of .223cal rifles will not have a challenge in the cleaning process.



  • Non-slip backing for a better grip
  • Well-structured takedown instructions
  • Parts tray that is permanently attached to the mat
  • Good space for ample cleaning
  • Soft surface to avoid scratches to the gun


  • Thin
  • Doesn’t lay completely flat on the surface

8. Ultimate Rifle Build Gun Cleaning Mat 2216

If you are looking for decently sized pistol gun cleaning mats, then you will not be disappointed with the Ultimate Rifle Build Gun Cleaning Mat. It comes with a large protective surface measuring about 11inches by 17 inches, and this guarantees not just sufficient space for your cleaning needs, but also protection of your cleaning bench, whether it is your workbench, shooting table, kitchen table or your normal desk.

The mat is made from premium quality materials, featuring a stitched border, with a waterproofing coating. It has whit heat transfer printing as well as a non-slip natural tree rubber backing which not only prevents smearing in case of spills and splashes but also guarantees a good grip while you do the cleaning. The aesthetic design of the mat is also highly admirable, given that it contains a distressed flag of the United States, as well as a text of the 2nd Amendment. Whether you are a hobbyist or a gunsmith, you will find a lot of pleasure in having this as your gun cleaning mat.



  • Large surface
  • Premium materials
  • Non-slip backing


  • Collects dirt and oil solvents hence, not easy to clean.

9. Drymate Handgun &Shotgun Gun Cleaning Pad

If you have ever owned a shotgun, then you know how sometimes cleaning them can be a challenge, and if you fail to clean it properly, it may not serve you as you may wish when you need it the most. With the Drymate handgun/shotgun cleaning pad, you get just the right accessories to help you take good care of your handguns and short guns.

The pad is large enough to give you the adequate surface to clean your handguns, rifles and pistols. It has a soft front surface to ensure that your gun will not be getting any scratches following the cleaning process. The surface is also designed to absorb spills that might accidentally be experienced during the cleaning process, and as such, you won’t have to worry about your cleaning surface getting soaked with the spills.

The other admirable thing about the Drymate cleaning pad is that they are available in three different options – a combo pack with both a handgun and a rifle pad, a handgun pack and a separate rifle size pad. You thus have the convenience to choose the one that will best suit your needs.



  • Soft surface to protect against scratches
  • Absorbs spills
  • Available in a variety


  •  Has a thin plastic backing.

10. Gun Cleaning Mat – Extra Protective Pad

If you are interested in an extra-large gun cleaning mat that will take care of all your gun cleaning needs, irrespective of the gun, then this double-thickness workbench mat may just be the right choice for you. The mat is designed for AR 15, though you could use it to clean any automatic weapon with nearly similar specs. It has a protective pad with elaborate drawings of the AR 15 parts, including well-labeled prints to help you understand your gun better.

With the double thickness, both your rifle and the table on which you will be doing the cleaning will be adequately protected from getting any scratches. Again, it size – which measures about 36 inches by 12 inches, will allow you all the space you need to disassemble your rifle, pistol, and shotgun with a lot of ease.

The front surface is soft enough, with the back surface having non-slip features to ensure that the mat will not be moving around when in use. It is also pleasing to know that the surface is made from a strong and durable material, easy to clean, waterproof and oil resistant.



  • Double Padding
  • Has AR15 exploded view
  • Easy to clean


  • Not clear pictures of rifle parts

11. Lyman Products Essential Gun Maintenance Mat

Lyman is very well known for its ingenious innovations in the field of shooting and reloading accessories. Now it brings the Essential Gun Maintenance Mat that will take your gun cleaning and maintenance to a whole new level. The mat is designed to overcome some of the common shortcomings in the traditional flat mats. The design features segments of slightly recessed sections to help you get more organized and efficient as you go about the cleaning.

With it, all the components will be safe from rolling off the mat so that you are not faced with the need to search for tiny misplaced components. The surface is made for a quality material designed to absorb small spills that may be experienced during the cleaning process.

Additionally, the mat is tough, but soft, given that it is made from a polymer that will give your gun the protection it needs against scratches, as well as chemical spills. It is ideal for cleaning shotguns, rifles, and pistols. 



  • Better than the traditional flat mats
  • Oil and solvent resistant
  • Made from a durable, but soft polymer
  • Has recessed sections for better organization
  • Easy to clean


  • No exploded drawings
  • May warp or get twisted easily

12. Real Avid Universal Smart Mat  

The Real Avid Universal Smart Mat is one of the largest gun mats you will find in the market today. Its impressive size of 43 inches by 16 inches ensures that you will have all the space you need to efficiently and conveniently disassemble and clean your weapon. It comes along with the organization that every gun owner would admire when cleaning their guns.

While still on the organization, the mat comes fitted with a parts tray which is easily connected to the cleaning pad and this allows you to keep track of your springs, pins and other parts that you could easily lose during the cleaning process. Spillage of oil, solvents, and liquids is very common during a typical gun cleaning process, but with this mat, such are concerns you will not have to worry about due to the absorbent nature of the mat.

It will bead and sock up all spillages to ensure that your work surface is well protected. The mat also has a non-slip surface on the back to make it stay in one position as you work your gun.



  • Very large surface area for cleaning
  • Parts tray
  • Non-slip backing
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to roll up for storage


  • Creases in center
  • Too thin

13. Grizzly Mat Gun Cleaning Mat 

The Grizzly Mat measures about 35.75 inches by 12” and it is 6mm thick, making it one of the thickest gun cleaning mats you will ever find in the market today. It is customized designed to accord your gun and the cleaning surface the protection they deserve against scratches while at the same time also offering very good protection against oil and chemical spills.

Its versatility not only makes it ideal for cleaning guns but with the elaborate diagrams and prints, it can also be used for educational purposes such as demonstrating gun assembly and disassembly. It is ideal for long guns, and though it is very big, it rolls up quite easily to make carrying and storing a breeze. One characteristic feature of thick gun cleaning mats is that they never have a very good grip once placed on the surface. However, that is not a concern you will with this particular gun cleaning mat.

It not only spreads so well on the workbench but also has a very good grip so that you are not worried about it moving every now and then as you work your gun.



  • Thickest gun cleaning mat in the market
  • Non-slip backing
  • Elaborate drawing and prints


  • No tray parts

14. Gun Cleaning Mat by Sage & Braker 

The Gun Cleaning Mat by Sage & Baker is another impressive mat you may want to consider for your gun cleaning needs. It is made from the highest quality materials featuring heavy wool, waxed canvas, and thick leather. According to the manufacturer, the main intention of designing the mat as it is was so that it could be passed from one generation to another, and this should be an adequate assurance of its quality and longevity.

You will also be pleased to know that the mat is oversize, measuring about 69 inches long by 16 inches wide, and this is proof enough that you can use it clean just any kind of a gun you could be owning. It is designed with various compartments to give you the convenience you need to hold a lot of cleaning products and other cleaning accessories. Despite the robust design with tough and durable material, the mat will still accord the best protection to your gun and the working surfaces against scratches.



  • Made of the highest quality materials
  • Oversize to accommodate the cleaning needs of any gun
  • Compartments to hold cleaning products


  • None

Gun Cleaning Mats Buying Guide

Gun cleaning is a vital practice to the care and maintenance of your gun, and as a responsible firearm holder, this is something you should consider doing on a regular basis, whether or not you use the gun. You could still go ahead and clean your gun without a gun cleaning mat, but a specially designed mat will bring to you a lot of organization and conveniences during the cleaning process. However, this is only if you buy the right mat, and here is a brief guide to help you pick the most appropriate for your gun cleaning needs-:

The type and size of your gun

Gun cleaning mats are available in different sizes and not all of them will be ideal for your cleaning needs. Your choice should be dependent upon the size and type of your gun. If you have a pistol, then you should go for pistol cleaning mats and if you have a AR 15, then you should also go for a AR 15 cleaning mat. The same should also be the case for a rifle and a shotgun.

The material of the mat

As usual, you will be interested in a mat that will serve for years to come and not one you will need to replace after a couple of cleaning sessions. This is why you need to consider the material used in making the rifle mat keenly. Obviously, the materials for gun mats vary largely and widely, but there are certain features they must have if they are to serve you better. The ideal material should-:

  • Be resistant to oil and solvents
  • Easy to clean
  • Have a non-slip backing for a better grip
  • Chemical resistant

Drawing and prints

Unless you handle guns every now and then and you are expert in disassembling and assembling the weapon, you will appreciate some help in the form of the gun’s drawing and the cleaning instructions usually included in most of the cleaning mats. You know your level of expertise in gun handling and cleaning and you should be able to tell whether or not you need to choose a mat with graphics and prints of your gun.

Read Reviews

With so many mats from various manufacturers in the market, it is vital to read reviews from the past buyers so that you can know the kind of experience you will have with the mat and if it will suit your cleaning needs.

What is Gun Cleaning Mat?

A gun cleaning mat is a mat specially designed to aid the cleaning process of a gun. Guns require regular cleaning so that they remain in good working condition. The process of cleaning a gun usually involve disassembling the weapon and cleaning, dusting, and lubricating each component separately before reassembling the weapon.

During the process, you will need a suitable space to spread out the components, keep track of the tiny parts and also protect the surface upon which you are working on against spillages and splashes from the solvents and the chemicals you are using the clean the gun. It is the work of the mat to take up all the dirt and help you get organized as you go about the cleaning process.

Why we need it?

Every gun owner needs a gun cleaning mat for various reasons, however, the chief among them include the following-:

  1. To stay organized while cleaning the gun – the process of cleaning the gun will require disassembling the weapon. You will need a convenient surface to keep track of the various components so that you can clean, lubricate and reassemble.
  2. Protect the workbench – cleaning a gun involves using oils and solvents. Such may always spill on the surface, and in the absence of a cleaning mat, the surface can end up damaged.
  3. Keep track of small components – there are certain gun components that require very keen tracking during the cleaning process. If you are not careful, you could lose a spring, and this may make the reassembly process impossible.
  4. Keep cleaning accessories – some mats also have compartments to help gun owners keep cleaning accessories, which further adds to a better organization.

How to clean a gun cleaning mat

There are various ways to clean a gun cleaning mat, and the method used will depend on the material used to make the type of mat in question. If the material allows, old towels together with a suitable solvent can be used to do the cleaning. The solvent is to remove any oils or lubrication that might have accessed the mat. You could also resort to manual cleaning of the mats by using a cleaning brush together with warm soap and water. All you have to do is brush the mat gently as you would normally do for your rugs.


Owning a gun is a good thing, depending on your motivation or having it. For good performance, and also to ensure that it won’t disappoint you when you need it the most, it is imperative to learn how to take good care of the weapon. The best way to do so is to ensure proper regular gun cleaning. And since the process of gun cleaning is usually messy and comes with real possibilities of losing certain small components of the gun, a gun cleaning mat is normally recommended to help you stay organized and also protect the cleaning surface.

It is our sincere hope that with this guide, you will not just find the recommendations of the top gun cleaning mats in the market today, but also we hope that you will now know why you need a cleaning, its benefits and how to choose one that will be suitable for your needs. Take care of your gun, and always be a responsible gun owner!